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Tow Company Works Through Rain in Portland

As the trusted tow company in Portland, Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul has seen it all, especially during inclement weather. Everyone knows how useful it is to have GPS while driving, especially if it’s an unfamiliar area or snowy or rainy weather. Unfortunately, a delivery truck driver in Portland was recently led astray by navigation from his GPS system. 

The night was cold, stormy, and rainy, which did not help at all when it came to finding the correct location. Deciding to use his GPS for directions, the driver was led onto a small, remote road. With poor visibility, dense woods, and pouring rain, the driver found himself struggling on the muddy and slippery road. 

Unfortunately, he lost control of his vehicle and his van slid off the road and ended up wedged by a telephone pole. Thankfully, Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul were more than ready to come to the driver’s aid. Even though it was still pouring rain, the tow company crew took extra care to recover the van, making sure to not damage it further. 

The expert tow truck operator managed to hook his wrecker to the van and carefully backed the vehicle into the road. Thanks to their expertise and efficiency, the recovery process was smoothly completed despite the rain! Amazingly, the driver was able to get back on the road, find the location, and complete his delivery. Great job to the Gerlock crew for helping the driver get back on the road! Keep it up, team! 

Details of Tow Company Works Through Storm in Portland

Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul tow company recently answered a call from a client who was on shift as a delivery truck driver. The call came in from a remote road in Portland, OR on a rainy and wet night. The customer needed a tow company to help him to recover his delivery vehicle. 

Because he was lost and because of the inclement weather, he had slid off a wet and muddy road and ended up stuck in the mud and wedged by a telephone pole. The driver was not able to move his van, which is why he called the tow company. 

The tow company dispatched a team to his location and knowing that the driver was on a narrow road, they decided to bring along a 1-ton wrecker.  Despite the inclement weather, they arrived at the driver’s location quickly and assessed the situation. 

The tow company crew knew that in order to recover the van safely and without further damage, they needed to reverse down the road in the same direction as the van. The tow company operator hooked onto the van’s front axle and winched the delivery van out from the mud. 

Once the vehicle was on solid ground, the tow company inspected the vehicle. Thankfully, it did not sustain any further damages except for paint scratches. The tow company successfully completed the job and the delivery driver was able to complete his deliveries!