Semi Truck Towing Needed on I-84 in Multnomah County, OR

Blown Tire Requires Response From Semi Truck Towing Company

Gerlock Towing often receives calls for semi truck towing and recovery services. However, a recent job proved to be larger than usual when a large flatbed truck lost a tire and crashed through to the incoming traffic lanes. Fortunately, we are always on call for these types of situations and able to help provide a safe and effective resolution.

The call came in during the later afternoon hours on a Monday. Traffic along Interstate 84 between Troutdale, Oregon and Hood River, Oregon was at a standstill in both directions. 

The cause? A semi truck equipped with a boom crane and flatbed trailer had a tire blow out. Due to the difficulty of steering the truck, the driver crashed through the cement median barrier into the westbound lane. 

As if the situation wasn’t dire enough, the truck jackknifed before rolling over onto its side, sliding along the median and catching fire. Thankfully the driver escaped in the knick of time and only experienced minor injuries. 

Other drivers on the road were then stuck in a 47 mile traffic jam in both the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-84. The only sensible solution was to bring in an experienced semi truck towing company to complete the recovery.

Gerlock’s semi towing team took the call and made our way to the scene. First, the trailer was disconnected from the cab before being attached to our 50-ton heavy duty wrecker. Slowly and carefully, the semi truck towing crew lifted the trailer in the air before placing it back in its rightful positioning. 

A forklift was brought in to help clear the charred debris and place it on a flatbed for hauling away from the scene. The trailer was also hauled away.

Luckily, the semi truck towing company had plenty of help. Because the highway barrier and road were damaged, the Oregon Department of Transportation coordinated repairs in order to reopen the roads. As more than 200 gallons of fuel, oil, and antifreeze were released onto I-84, the U.S. Ecology Department responded for cleanup. Purdy’s Towing also assisted with the job while the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office worked to keep all at the scene safe. 

Although this was a major incident, we are pleased to report that everyone walked away relatively unscathed. The Gerlock semi truck towing crew is marking this job down as a complete success!

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Details of Blown Tire Requiring Response From Semi Truck Towing Company

Gerlock’s semi truck towing division recently received a call for heavy duty towing and recovery services. The semi truck towing team arrived on site in the late afternoon hours along Interstate 84 between Troutdale and Hood River, Oregon. 

The semi truck towing company learned that traffic was stopped in both directions due to an accident involving a flatbed trailer. The semi truck was equipped with a boom crane on a flatbed trailer. While traveling at highway speed, a tire blew out, rendering the truck impossible to steer. 

The driver, who had originally been traveling eastbound, crashed through the cement highway divider and into the westbound lane. This resulted in the truck jackknifing before flipping over onto its side, sliding along the median, and catching on fire. 

Although the driver was uninjured, the semi truck towing company had its work cut out for it to clean up the scene and get traffic moving again. There’s nothing quite like a 47-mile backup to demonstrate the importance of semi truck towing services. 

Gerlock’s semi truck towing team was happy to help. First, the semi truck towing technicians disconnected the cab from the flatbed. The flatbed portion was winched to the 50-ton heavy duty wrecker. Next, the semi truck towing company delicately lifted the trailer into the air and righted it.

The semi truck towing team was assisted by a forklift that handled the charred debris that was hauled away from the scene. The semi truck towing company also received assistance from the Oregon Department of Transportation for road and median repairs, the U.S. Ecology Department for hazardous fluid cleanup, Purdy’s Towing, as well as the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Even though this was a challenging heavy duty recovery job for the semi truck towing crew, we were happy to be able to help get Interstate 84 reopened.