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Safe & Reliable Crane Service in Rosedale

Crane Service Rosedale

Here at Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service. We will help you design a crane service project plan that will ensure the safety of your team and make sure that your project goes off without a hitch. We strive to ensure communication with our clients and our team so that projects are completed promptly and efficiently. When you need a trusted crane service in Rosedale or surrounding areas, look no further!

Rosedale Heavy Rigging Services

Crane Service Rosedale

As a full service rigging services business, we can safely secure, move, and transport your heavy equipment. From heavy rigging to various other crane services, Gerlock Towing & Heavy Haul provides customized solutions for all of your heavy rigging requirements. Our team is available 24 hours a day and provides fast response time anywhere in the Rosedale, Oregon area. Call today for a quote!

Expert Crane Service Near Me

  • 24/7 Emergency Service Line Rosedale, OR
  • Plant and Equipment Relocation Rosedale, OR
  • Construction Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • Boilers Rosedale, OR
  • Industrial Processing Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • Transformers Rosedale, OR
  • Medical Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • HVAC Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • Computer Numerical Control Machinery Rosedale, OR
  • Motors Rosedale, OR
  • Pumps Rosedale, OR
  • HVAC Hoisting Rosedale, OR
  • HVAC Delivery Rosedale, OR
  • Rigging Service Rosedale, OR
  • Heavy Duty Recovery of Specialized Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • Heavy Duty Recovery of Construction Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • Heavy Duty Recovery of Farm Equipment Rosedale, OR
  • Cargo Load Shifts Rosedale, OR
  • Cargo Load Swaps Rosedale, OR
  • Lumber Lifting Rosedale, OR
  • Construction Material Placement Rosedale, OR
  • Overturned Trailer Recovery Rosedale, OR
  • Undecking Trucks and Semis Rosedale, OR
  • Precast Concrete Placement Rosedale, OR
  • Landscaping Material Placement Rosedale, OR
  • Trailer Stacking and Unstacking Rosedale, OR
  • Train and Caboose Placement Rosedale, OR
  • Plasma Cutters including Crossfire, STV, Eastwood, Robotec and other models Rosedale, OR
  • Electrical Discharge Machines Rosedale, OR
  • Lathe CNC Machines Rosedale, OR
  • Numerical Control Milling Machines Rosedale, OR
  • Water Jet Cutter Rosedale, OR
  • Waterjet cutting machine Rosedale, OR
  • Punch Presses Rosedale, OR
  • Generators Rosedale, OR
  • Shipping containers Rosedale, OR
  • And more!


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